EXCITING NEWS from Kitty Clips! I have recently brought on two cat loving ladies who are nearing completion of their training to become full service independent groomers. What this means for you as our customer, is that there is very little to no wait time to book your kitty in for their grooming session! Niccole and Vanessa are working closely with me to master all of the skills required to professionally groom your cat in Kitty Clips’ efficient, stress free manner in your own home. We look forward to our next visit with you!

Hello, my name is Katerina and I am a mobile cat groomer with over 30 years experience. I chose to focus on the mobile service because being a pet lover I know very well how stressful it can be for a cat to be taken from their own personal space and put in a carrier to be taken to the groomers.

When I come to your home your cat gets to stay in their own environment and you get to participate in the grooming process, all which help lower the stress levels for everyone.

With my knowledge and experience I groom your cat  very efficiently  with little or no stress. After grooming most cats will hop off the table and continue their day as if they were not interrupted at all. No stress, no trauma, just happy owners and cats!

I provide services ranging from nail trims to full haircuts in Calgary and surrounding area.


Sanitary clip
Shave off hair from the belly and around the private areas and trim the nails


Clean Up
Brushout,tidying around the face,feet and nails


Full Clip
Full body haircut,styling the head and feet,nails