1. Does my cat need to be shaved?
  •  If the cat is long haired with a thick coat which gets matted.
  • If the cat is shorthaired and also has a tendency of matts (“turtle shell” of matted hair developed on a back of the cat)
  • If your family suffers from allergies
  • If you get troubled with too much hair around the house
  • If the cat is panting in a summer and trying to find the coolest spot in a house

the answer is YES


2. Does it hurt to shave a cat?

Absolutely not.The shaving feels like a gentle massage


3. Does a cat get used to the grooming process?

I promise you,from my experience,that most cats become used to it and object less,some are in a complete peace,some fall asleep, and some will never get used to it. It totally depends on the cat’s character,upbringing and previous experience.


4. How often should my cat get shaved?

As often as you, the owner, decide on. You have to watch for matts developing in the fur, the amount of shedding hair around your house. Ultimately you will be the best judge of grooming frequency.


5. How should I prepare my house for grooming my cat?

I come equipped with my tools and grooming table. I will need your assistance to make your cat more comfortable in a grooming process.


6. How long does it take?

This question is very simple to answer. It is answered for us with a cats patience timer that they all have.We have to be done in 20-25 minutes ,because that is all the patience your cat will give us. It is easily doable with your help and with my expertise.